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Exhibition flyer for "Syncretism: The Art of the XXI Century", Alternate Museum, 1991


Exhibition flyer for "Syncretism: The Art of the XXI Century" at Alternative Museum, New York City, from Feb 23-Apr 6, 1991, with artists Luis Flores, Houston Conwill, Pedro Lujan, Geoge Crespo, Masami Teraoka, Ouattara, Tyrone Mitchell, Steve Engel, Sherie Markovitz, Rabih Halaoui, Roger Shimomura, Zhang Hongtu, Robert Buitron, Alison Saar, Bessie Harvey, Willie Leroy Elliot, Martin Ramirez, Chelo Amezcua, Philadelphia Wireman, Frank Jones, Gregory Van Mannen. Curation by Geno Rodriguez and Randall Morris.

1 pages
12x9.25 inches (h x w x d)

Associated Artists

Shimomura, Roger
Zhang, Hongtu
Source: Flyer