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All in Hand

Exhibited for "Power Print: Woodblock Prints by Ram Kumar Panday" at the Asian American Arts Centre, New York City, July 13-Aug. 3, 2001.

"Human hand is very powerful, and the auspicious symbol of well being. In the center there is a wheel of 8-fold path to enlightenment inside Shrivtsa, the endless knot. The base of the hand has padma lotus -- symbol of purity and beauty.

- The thumb and fingers contain the kalasa vase -- spiritual wealth.
- Sankha (conch) -- glory
- dhvaja (banner) -- attainment of enlightenment
- chhatra (parasol) -- protection from evil
- matseyugma (two fishes) -- relieve from miseries
- chamar (fly whisk) -- symbolizes comfort

A Sanskrit prayer says that the goddess of wealth, wisdom and Govinda the power of the god all are in hand. So one should salute one's hand early in the morning.
Karagre basate Laxmi Karamadhya Saraswoti/
Karamule tu Govinda Pravate karadarshanam/

There are three aspects of life, viz., physical (bhautik), mental (mansik) or knowledge (Saraswoti), which can be gained from study. Govinda (the God paramatma) can be achived from meditation."--Notes from Creighton Peet, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


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All in Hand
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