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Bricks and Stones

February, 05 1999
performance art

Performance in Dongpo Village, located at the foot of the Si Ma Tai section of the Great Wall, on February 5, 1999.

"The work rapport/ties to rural farming people."--Robert Lee, Asian American Arts Centre, 2009

"In addition to Zheng, five girls and ten boys, including the artist's own son, participated in the performance. With the exception of his son, all the children were those of the local villagers.

During the performance each child held either a broken brick from the Great Wall dating to the Ming Dynasty or a common stone found around the village. The performance took place around 5PM on a cornstalk-strewn hillside with all participants facing west, standing still for an hour."

--Description from Zheng Lianjie


brick; stone (rock)
Bricks and Stones
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