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Contradictory Power

28x40x6 inches (h x w x d)
handmade book

"Contradictory Power is the product of my experience that I had in Korea in 2001. I witnessed people there fighting and spreading gossip for the survival, unfortunately, not for justice. I watched the people intriguing things to keep their jobs or social standings, regardless what is right or wrong to do as humans. In Contradictory Power, nail and cloth, the two materials that contain opposite characteristics are used to depict this situation. Nail is such a powerful material, but its movement and position in the handmade book are formed by cotton cloth, which is soft and flexible. Contradictory Power describes reciprocal relationship between the two extremely opposite poles of power on earth."

Heejung Kim, "Description of art works"


cloth; mixed media; nails
Contradictory Power
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