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mixed media installation

CAULDRON: "and forgive us our trespasses" (installation detail)

Exhibited at Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco.

"Mixed media installation about cross-cultural issues of sustenance. In one part of installation, drawings of successively larger bowls of rice invoke the traditional Asian symbol of sustenance in a meditative way. In another part, the diasporic experience is examined via drawings of the potato, the Euro-American symbol of sustenance which actually originated in pre-Columbian South America. Details layer botanical line drawing of potato root system over pages from U.S. Citizenship application. Wallpaper behind the rice drawings are written with calligraphy from neo-Confucian text about moral living. Wallpaper behind potato drawings are custom silkscreened from potato prints in design reminiscent of 17th c. blue-and-white Chinoiserie porcelain; prints say: "YOU EAT POTA TO I EAT POTAH TO."--Artist's slide list


graphic arts; Postmodern
Source: Slide
Installation view
Cauldron Cauldron