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Emergency Living System for Jane and Rain

conceptual artwork

"The Emergency Living System is a system to be utilized if me and my three-year-old son, Rain, ever become temporarily homeless. It includes a tent, bed, and desk, which fold up into a backpack.

As I hang the system, I reverse the spatial hierarchy which dictates that those who are evicted remain close to the ground while those with financial privilege command the top stories. The EL system transforms any sizable tree into a higher perspective. Moreover, the refuge is free, and one gets a luxuriant canopy of leaves as a temporary roof.

When properly installed, the EL system is a place for sleeping without the danger of assault. It can serve as refuge for study (reading and writing). But it also creates a place for meditative living, so that with an enlightened perspective, I can reconsider my own life and role within my environment."
-- Jane Tsong


Process art
Emergency Living System for Jane and Rain
Source: Slide