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Brave New World No. 1 "Lost"

12x36 inches (h x w x d)
mixed media sculpture

48" in diameter.

"Lost deals with the definition of a 'what is a body form' and personal relation to our body. Lost has a head, trapped in a ball, and a body that looks more like a cushion. Yet, it has clothing since it dressed with fabrics, and it even has body hair in the center of the cushion. Yet, it defies our traditional notion of 'how a human' would look like. It questions how we relate to a body that has not a recognizable form. The head is dislocated from the body which may be settle implication of the current life-styles where mind and body is often separated." --artist's description from image list


plaster; resin; textiles
Brave New World No. 1 "Lost"
Source: Slide