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Foot Print

30x360x540 inches (h x w x d)
mixed media installation

"At the center of the exhibition space, there will be a large, irregularly-shaped cement stone. On the surface of this stone will be a circle of embossed human footprints. Water mixed with sumi ink will cover the surface of the stone and fall down the sides, caught in a container underneath, the recirculating by means of a pump. Because the footprints are pressed into the surface, water will collect in them, emphasizing their shape. This centerpiece becomes an embodiment of eternal history, with its use of stone, moving water and endless footprints.

"The floor of the exhibition space will be covered by heavy canvas. Each visitor will be requested to leave their footprints on the floor, after inking their feet by walking on the stone. Their footprints will leave a mark of their journey around the space and will add to the legacy left by the other visitors." -- Artist's description

Foot Print
Source: Slide