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Pancake Sackrace

16x16 inches (h x w x d)
digital print

Pancake Sackrace, Garden State Reveries series

"Seductive promises made by consumerism are collaged with drawings of my childhood photographs against rural landscapes littered by barns, IKEA rococo, kitschy food advertisements, and “field day” clip-art. The series conjures an immigrant child’s fantasy of America, where horses jump over barns, cakes fly in the air, and children swing from the sky. In creating this series, I explore the loneliness and isolation of childhood and immigration through the bustle of activities that exclude and alienate the girl. Consumption remains a gateway to assimilation, as did accentless English, name Anglicization, church attendance, and in my case, voting for Reagan in a mock election in 4th grade." --artist's website


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Pancake Sackrace
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