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Intimations of a Parallel World I

60x175x47 inches (h x w x d)
mixed-media installation

Exhibited in a basement space in SoHo, New York City.

"While I had often spoken metaphorically of the process of making art as a kind of journey into terra incognita--an unknown land--and of the completed art as evidence of my passage, towards the end of 1985 I realized that the unknown land actually existed in the form of a world parallel to our own, accessible only through my art.

I began to create my first Parallel World installation, Intimations of a Parallel World, by producing what I called "visual field notes," which I cut out and strung up, one in relationship to another."--artist's statement from an exhibition brochure "Who Killed the Queen?" by China Marks, 1998. pp. 8.

China3 - a world parallel to our own, discovered by China Marks in 1985, accessible through her art. Named after herself, it was given a numerical subscript to distinguish it from the People's Republic of China and Taiwan"--pp. 44

Intimations of a Parallel World
The Army
Source: Slide
Installation view of work.
Intimations of a Parallel World The Army