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American Pie

264x264 inches (h x w x d)
silkscreen mural

Dimensions: 264" diameter.

Mural project at the newly built Intermediate School 5, 50-40 Jacobus Street, Elmhurst, New York.

Commissioned by the NYC Board of Education, the NYC School Construction Authority, and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, Percent for Art Program.

"In this mural, Choi modifies the American flag into a round target-like simulacrum which is divided into 24 equal "pie slice" panels. Overprinted on each of panels is a different language newspaper graphic. In this work, Choi wants to show, through the medium of languages and the modified American flag image, how multi-ethnicity is as American as "apple pie"."--from press release for Mural Project for the New Intermediate School 5, Elmhurst, New York.

"Dozens of languages are represented in its concentric circles; the bull's eye is the goal or the dream that many American have of the U.S."--artist's description from image list.


acrylic paint; plywood


screen printing
American Pie
Source: Digital Image