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Tabo Monastery (Tsug Lhakhang)

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See the interior of this rare, Buddhist temple located in Spiti region of Western Himalayas, India.
Famed Tabo Monastery is known as the oldest continually functioning Tibetan Buddhist monastery, the art of which the Dalai Lama said “delightfully expresses the vigor of the transmission of Buddhism from India to Tibet and the dynamic mingling of cultures.” Established in 996 C.E. by the Buddhist king of Guge in Western Tibet, Yeshe O’d, and the The Great Translator Rinchen Zangpo, it flourished in a golden epoch of Indo-Tibetan collaboration in spreading Buddhist culture.
To learn more about Tibetan Buddhist art and its relationship to 10th-12th century Indo-Tibetan predecessors, visit Eva Lee's Fulbright blog: artistfulbrightindia.wordpress.com/about
Online link: https://vimeo.com/135991541


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Buddhism; Himalayan
Tabo Monastery (Tsug Lhakhang)
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Documentary Tabo Monastery (Tsug Lhakhang) was completed in 2014. Monastery (Tsug Lhakhang), documentary, 7 min 46 sec, 2014