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Chen, Wei-In

Other Names: 陳維茵


"Born as Taiwanese and brought up in America, social-cultural issues [have] always been my main concern and struggle. I question the concept of Eastern and Western, the cultural perceptions and multiculturalism in the contemporary America, as I try to understand my own conflicts with the values of both cultures. I want to explore the personal psychological dynamic of my family structure and lead to the philosophical ideas of social structure. The [sturcture consists of ] the issues of feminism, power of authority, and culture.

My art tries to communicate in personal and cultural levels simultaneously. My work tends to represent different psychological aspects of isolation, confinement, ambiguities and hypocrisies in life, 'realities', and moving beyond. Daily events are like objects from our lives, filled with connotations and symbolism. In my stark and minimal way, I try to bring out their complexity and accent their seemingly unimportant yet influential positions in our daily lives."

Wei-In Chen, Artist Statement

Gallery of Selected Works