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Kuo, Nina

Other Names: 郭麗娜

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"Zen mountains, landscapes, plants, etc. They are juxtaposed into images of dysfunctional culture with irony or wit. Yellow Ochre negative space alludes to the feeling of tranquility and modernity with quick brush stroke calligraphy. Animals such as the humble dog character epitomizes the painter and scholar. Gourd people are centered inside vegetables as well.

Another series: A Tang Lady flirts and charms the viewer with anachronistic feats that challenge the drama of the scholarly paradise as seen in soap operas or in popular culture. For me, the Chinese landscapes and rock gardens reveal a mood of abstracted mazes or hi-tech global appliances that represent artifacts that bear a permanent place in our futuristic culture. We live in a hybrid culture.

A sense of the biographical is seen in my 'Manchu Pigtail' couple series--psychological Ying yang relationships that are poetic love/hate dramas today that speak out about male/female values. Taken from the George Chicanery/llama qua studio paintings in Hong Kong 1860's, this body of work releases the humor and wit of a private mental world juxtaposed into the Chinese bourgeois middle class revolution. Pop icons appear to bring a sense of personality to these Caricatures."

Nina Kuo, Artist Description, "Mythical Muses and Mythologies", [2003]

Gallery of Selected Works