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Yi, Jason S.

Other Names: 이상윤

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"My work symbolizes a state of being. I communicate cross-culturally, because of my status as an Asian American. Many of my works contain everyday items which provide physical evidences to reinforce our present existence, but by visual manipulation of those very objects, the validity of such evidences will be questioned.

An art work must compel the viewers to communicate and create certain languages within themselves. The objective is to open doors is to open doors and reach everyone to create free dialogue. I attempt to achieve this through partly using cross-cultural mediums that are inherently close to my sensibilities such as rice, charcoal, and Asian silverware. By using typical store bought materials in conjunction with other traditional art mediums, I am aiming to question the initial thought of our perception and conception of art.

As an artist I strive to stimulate viewers and compel them to question beyond what is obvious."

Jason S. Yi, Artist Statement, [1995]

Gallery of Selected Works