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Fay, Ming

Other Names: 費明杰

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"Ranging from over-sized sculpted simulacrum of plant forms to complex sci-fi inspired overgrown environments of mysterious plants, my sculpture is a reflection of my personal observation and commentary on the relationship of man and nature. The artwork is an outgrowth of my inventory of seeds, herbs, bones and mysterious objects. Over time I decipher some of their literal and metaphoric usages and begin the process of producing new plantings for my studio garden. Borrowing from folkloric concepts along with my own invention and interpretation of new cultural meanings and context for my hybrid sculptures. The exploration, conquest, collection, trade, and cultivation of the plant world has inspired and informed my artwork for over thirty years.

"In recent years, my work has focused on the concept of a garden as a symbol of abundance, paradise and the location for the ultimate desirable state of being. As humans we are consumed with wishes, desires, and longing for a lost paradise of long ago. The garden that I have created is a mindset where I cultivate imagined forms into sculpture.

"Much like a scientist, I research and cultivate specific plant forms for their inherent and symbolic qualities, reinterpreting and reinventing them in my studio/laboratory greenhouse." --Ming Fay, Artist Statement

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