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Fiero, Columbia

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"Make art in other words make 3-dimensional paintings and installations that speak of living - That celebrate living that observe and have a comment and a voice and are active in consciousness, politically and socially, if it is at all possible –
To make large works as well as very small works or even medium works, linen works, silk works, installations, places that tell folk to come and look, work that is housed in houses of art, in museums that take care of the art and work that is usable on the common way, street, places of art outdoors as well as indoors, that tell folk to come and look, places for people…

Travel has been extremely critical and essential to my work. The man, Bradford Graves, my mentor, who had the most profound influence on my outlook would speak to my heart by saying, he "felt he needed to walk the earth to know the earth"… Travel to Asia (specifically Viet Nam, China, Korea, Hong Kong), to India, to South America (Ecuador--Amazonian, indigenous villages, as well as Galapagos), Czechoslovakia 1990, extensively through Europe, and United States, has had a strong effect--learning, seeing humanity and why we create: Knowing myself, as an American, a person from within these United States as well as a human being… how we are in relation to earth, and to each other. How we differ and yet how we are capable of comprehending each other's condition through feeling and intelligence: elements of the depth of our capacity to know.…which relates to what is the earth and who are we to the earth. Work color, paint, 3-dimentions, subject, image, social consciousness, to intertwine in art through painting, 3-d sculptural art, photography, installation.

It has been important to me to show art in places that are interested in the community and in an environment for the whole being that is for the humanity of our society not merely commercial non-relational isolation. It has become increasingly important to have a consciousness about societal conditions from which the work is coming and speaking to. And to create more dialogue with other artists and to have discussion: creating art in a community, art residency and individual studio settings."

Columbia Fiero, Artist Statement

Gallery of Selected Works