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Furusho, Kenta

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"My art is a power that swallows me down, deeply, into the Giant of the Jungle, like a non-stop jetcoaster.

Since deciding to be an artist twenty years ago, I have wondered what actually happens between me and my work. My work began as a small dot on a piece of paper, as a symbol of Will. Classical study and hundreds of art theories had made me skeptical. I had to eliminate all that I heard and saw, in order to understand who I am. Very carefully, I developed the dot into line, line into plane, plane into volume and volume into shape.

In the past fifteen years, I experimented with different art forms such as painting, lithography, sculpture (clay, plaster, bronze, plastic), be they minimal, representative, narrative, abstract and symbolism. Whatever came to mind I had an urge to make it, in order to understand what I really wanted. Slowly, this practice became my concept.

I have a character named, "Baby Boy" who comes in various sizes and shapes. This is his world and his manner is symbolic of his relationship to it. I call his world "Naked Universe" and my work is based on his imagination and his idea of expanding the world with magical images to achieve a sense of freedom for our life. His challenge is to break taboos and reveal a truth of his won. He also addresses his own demons and heroes.

I build a type of sculpture which is painted and fabricated, sometimes in the form of collage and inlay. This unique "language" is enforced by a layering process:

1. A clay model is made from the image, in the form of roundness (a positive surface), which is a basic forming concept that creates inner energy straight from the core.

2. The model is cast with urethane, concrete or other substance. The shape is refreshed by changing material. Then, something else happens…the soul of the sculpture is revitalized.

3. Color is applied, with painting and collage (fabric, paper). I use bold colors to achieve emotional impact.

4. The color is sealed with a coating of mixed wax.

5. The work is decorated with fabric. Fabric represents the border between sculpture and space, providing an entrance into the sculpture and an exit from the other side.

Each "layering" step adds meaning and character. This intricate process gives me plenty of opportunity to mutate the original into a NEW IMAGE."

Kenta Furusho, Artist Statement

Gallery of Selected Works