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Hibi, Hisako

Other Names: 曰比久子


"...I noticed the differences in Eastern and Western civilizations. To construct a Japanese garden it says to start in an asymmetry, and within this area build up beauty and harmony. To arrange flowers it says to use an irregular triangle lines, and here, too, to create a peace, harmony of beauty by arranging the various flowers and branches in interesting ways.

"Affinity with nature is our precious heritage. Our ancestors studies nature, and learned how the movement of the universe, and teach us--the way of life--that this life is not secured, balanced form of symmetry--that nothing stays still, everything changes in time and condition, and that which included the human thoughts and behavior--love, hatred, anger, happiness, sadness and so on--yesterday's enemy is today's friend, and reverse, often. It says, what is not change is changes!"

--Excerpt from artist's speech in 1976

Gallery of Selected Works