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Huang, Arlan

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"Six years ago, I embarked upon a journey to rescue my passion for painting. What was it about painting that had made it my secret love?

In solitude a commitment is made to painting's inherent rhythms and beguiling time shifts. A type of music emerges from long working hours – a 'humm' which flows thru me and envelops my senses. With eyes following only the space before the loaded brush, my journey becomes literal. The destination and duration is determined only by the amount of painting magic.

Awakening from the spell while watching paint dry, the notes beneath the paint fleetingly reveal themselves in another type of music. And if I am lucky, it is the song that gives clear and luminous meaning to my passion for art. It reaffirms life and what Allen Ginsberg suggests as 'the dearness of the vanishing moment'."

Arlan Huang, Artist Statement, 2005

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