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Lee, Bovey

Other Names: 李寶怡; Bo Yee

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"I am interested in incorporating my background in traditional media with digital art. In my paintings and drawings, I create personal, subjective landscapes to [convey] the ideas of travel, relocation, and cultural shifts that I have experienced.

"In 1995, I began using the computer in my work. I create specific spaces that demonstrate the increasingly intertwined and inseparable condition of nature, humanity, and technology. To do so, I create digital photographs, titled Body Garden, that transform my own body parts into landscapes and still lifes. These highly realistic, hybrid images decipher the blur between reality and deception.

"Through Body Garden, I learned that it is very easy to destabilize and manipulate human identity using the computer. The fluidity and vulnerability of virtual life becomes the focus of my Web-based work. In Body Diaspora and Ultimate Life, I explore how emerging technology and the Internet de-emphasizes the physical body. I am particularly interested in the moral issues surrounding the fabrication of multiple identities in cyberspace." --Bovey Lee, Artist Statement, 2001

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