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Lim, Choong Sup

Other Names: 임 충섭

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"My process deals with a desire to at once illuminate upon and bridge the divide between nature and culture. I am interested in the possibilities of creating a conjunction between the raw and the processed while attempting to explore the relationship between my experience of the urban and the natural environment. My work occupies a space uncovered through my constant journeying from one world to another, wherein I am observing myself moving between nature and culture.

"There is a kind of a dialogue I find when such two seemingly distinct worlds are bridged. I articulate this dialogue in minimalistic forms, rendered through a variety of mixed media that incorporates both the found 'organic' and the man-made object. In my 'Fossil-Scape' series, I have constructed what I consider to be time capsules that bear traces of memory, similar to pages of a kind of visual diary. Each capsule, so to speak, can appear to constitute autonomous fossilized perceptions of nature and culture. In their totality, these numerous capsules can be assembled to encompass a larger 'Fossil-Scape'--this work therefore captures a sense-memory of space and time that are personal reflections of my journey between nature and culture."

Choong Sup Lim, Personal Statement, 2004

Gallery of Selected Works