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Ji, Yun-Fei

Other Names: 季雲飛


"My paintings examine the environment and our relationship to it. Our constant drive towards 'progress' creates an imbalance in the 'yin and yang' principal: the elemental forces governing our world.

This body of work utilizes the materials of classical Chinese landscape painting, but subverts the anticipated concept with urban imagery. The appropriation of classical Chinese painting titles takes on an ironic meaning when paired with contemporary images. Much of the work focuses on natural, industrial, and social disasters as a personal way of coping with the looming danger that challenges us all globally.

By combing the lyrical quality of classical ink painting with playful satire, the work suggests a multi-layered reading. The continual shift in scale, from panoramic to miniaturistic, intensifies our understanding of the human condition."

Yun-Fei Ji, Artist Statement

Gallery of Selected Works