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Kim, Yeong Gill

Other Names: ???


"Yeong Gill Kim saw the transition in Korea from a feudal society to a modern country and the confusion it brought to the people. By 1995 he had given up purely contemporary idioms and returned to materials and ideas that had inspired so much of Asia's painterly traditions. The complexity of his brush work on muslin has attained a clarity and simplicity. He has found a freedom there, a capacity for an openness that could encompass the ambiguity of the multiple dimensions of our current cultural context. By growing what Asia has and seeing how its ideas can apply in this context, he has come to terms with contemporary times. For Kim the past cannot be forgotten. It cannot be dwarfed. He brings a trust and faith to his work and asks us to do likewise. He knows mind intuits itself in silent empty space. In taking a positive affirming stance, free from generic definitive claims, he has enlarged an Asian artistic tradition and made it spacious."

Robert Lee, Asian American Arts Centre, 1999

Gallery of Selected Works