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Lin, Lin

Other Names: Ling Ling; Billy Harlem


"1. Painting is a device to discover the syntactics of semblance of visual tactility.
2. Painting could be understood and produced after careful analysis to its mechanical structure and its expressiveness delivered through the execution.
3. When the three dimensional build-ups interacts with the canvas which is a two dimensional space, the geometry essence of the canvas would be transformed into the intrinsic law of painting. The, through the use of geometric division this law becomes 'visible'---a faint manifestation of metaphysics which determines the whole structure of the randomly ordered space and drives viewer's emotion.
4. Semantic information is in fact irrelevant to the creation of painting.
5. Painterlyness is important in a sense that it always put painting back to its fatal position---an illusion."

Ling Ling, Artist Statement, 1991

Gallery of Selected Works