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Chong, Theresa

Artist Website

"The vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines in my painting create an architectural space that reflects a simultaneous interior and exterior urban landscape. My process of painting consists of creating a structure and then destroying the structure in order to rebuild a final structure. As an Asian American, I am compelled to unify my dual identities within the confines of the art world, as a Korean and as an American. My desire to create illusionistic depth and balanced linear structure originates from a great desire and need to feel rooted in an idealistic space, since I often feel out of place in my physical environment. The prevalent use of lines in my work is initiated by the need to strip the subject matter down to its bare essentials in order to reinvent space.

My goal as an artist is to embrace a new vision through painting. I see painting as a great challenge, and envision many possibilities in the ongoing development of my work."

Theresa Chong, Artist Statement

Gallery of Selected Works