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Chin, Alan

Other Names: 陳本儒


Also identified as Tong Yen Gai.

"Born and raised in New York City, Chin is the youngest son of Chinese immigrants who ran a laundry and later worked in the garment industry. Chin began photographing his family and the rapidly disappearing community around them in the late 1980s, and has gone to photography conflicts in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Israel/Palestine. He is published regularly in 'The New York Times', and also in 'Newsweek', 'Time', 'The Christian Science Monitor', and many other newspapers and magazines. His photographs from September 11th were included in the book 'New YorkSeptemberEleven2001'. Chin was nominated by the 'New York Times' for his coverage of the collapse of Yugoslavia in 1999 and again in 2000."

--Artist Biography (2002)

Gallery of Selected Works