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Ho, Sin-ying

Other Names: Cassandra

Artist Website

"As the world moves towards greater globalization, many nationalities and cultures will merge together and evolve into an unknown global culture. I reference my own experience being Chinese and living in North America, with the cultural collisions I have endured. This cross-cultural experience speaks to a universal phenomenon.

To develop the idea further, I created a body of work entitled Meeting Places. From Collision Course to Meeting Places, I continued to explore the possibility and relationship between form and surface. I experimented with an alternative way of making multi-part molds. These forms were constructed by wheel throwing, cutting and pasting together. I kept the evidence of extracting the classical forms as well as creating an abstract form. The process of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction of the painted hybrid porcelain vessels transforms familiar forms into unfamiliar and unidentified sculptures. This illustrated the intersection of cultures— East and West, new and old culture."

Sin-ying Ho, Artist Statement

Gallery of Selected Works