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Ahn, Seongmin

Other Names: 안성민; 安性玟

Artist Website

"My work has developed through my persistent search for an answer to my long lasting physical illness. It has been clear to me that I have become mentally stronger and can transform such strength into my physical presence through meditation. From this, meditation has truly purified and nourished my body and soul, and I would love to share such a feeling with every heart through my art creating.

I have been exposed to the roots of Buddhism since my childhood. I can still recall the distinct smell of incense encompassing the Buddhist temple swirling around like a peaceful presence, and the monks meditating with empty minds while making a monotonous sound with their wooden gongs. I believe that it's in my heritage to look for silent peace within my subconscious as monks do. During my meditations, all the stresses of daily life melt away from my body, and I become totally relaxed and clam. Meditation helps me search deep down for spiritual power to manage myself not only mentally but physically as well...I have been interested in creating exclusive interior space, in which viewers can be. They can experience and imagine an unknown inner world where they can reach through the space that I create. My work is a pathway to be shifted to the spiritual world, where we can purify our soul."

Seongmin Ahn, Artist Statement

Gallery of Selected Works