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Moy, Seong


"Printmaking in all its various media has fascinated me since my formative years as an art student. I often look back with amazement at the struggles and aims of young and mature artists seeking recognition in their field of creative printmaking. There is the constant desire to learn, to perfect one's craft and the exciting experimentations that follow.

"The simplicity of equipment and materials enable me to create color woodcuts without the printing press. The printing of the woodblock by hand brings out every subtlety of the surface. Cutting the design with knives and gauges, using tools such as rasps and sculptor's files create a great variety of textural nuances. Printer's inks, artist's oil paints and sometimes combinations of these are used in color printing. Artist's oil paints have a number of advantages over printer's inks; first of all the surface of the print remains mat and the range of colors is greater and more suitable to my way of working.

"The woodcut, like all the other graphic media, has come of age. Especially in color it has found a new freedom and has become as creative and flexible as etching and lithography. It is dangerous for the color woodcut to compete with painting, but the inherent quality of the woodcut medium and the nature of its material, it retains a beauty of all its own." --Seong Moy, Artist Statement

Gallery of Selected Works