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Sugimoto, Henry

Other Names: Yuzuru


"The people and houses which appeared were emphasized by deep lines and light colors put on it. In this instance there is no esthetic influence of artistic French school but truly Henry's real characteristic untouched reality is evident. This is the true nature of American modern paintings as indicated by Wood, Benton and Cary who painted the local scenes with coarse and crude technique. But through this the sadness of life seen to creap out. Artist puts aside these deep experiences once and depends on his imagination. Therefore who looked at his works are touched deeply. this will be also the artist's sincere feeling. Artist's warm affection pours out limitlessly on these people.
Henry Sugimoto painted nearly 50 camp-life scenes. These are mostly large canvases. Among these paintings some are 100F and also 200F. I surely believe that Henry Sugimoto will leave his name behind on Japanese art history as camp scene artist. On these works were carved into history of the sufferings of the Japanese people. This group of paintings will also be a guide-post to understand widely in our country of those who previously walked the road of life realism in American at by Tamiji Kitagawa, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Toshi Shimizu, Eitaro Ishigaki and Hideo Noda."
by Sadajiro KUBO , 1981

Gallery of Selected Works