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Wang, C. C.

Other Names: 王季迁; Wang Jiqian; Chi-chʻien


C.C. Wang was born in Suchou in 1907, he came from a distinguished family of scholar-officials and is a number of the last generation to receive a traditional artistic education, [copying] the works of his teachers and the masterpieces in their private collections.

In the 20th century, artists who still practice this ancient art have faced a most difficult task, not only of reviving this art after centuries of slumber but of making it relevant in this [modern time]. Wang confronts this dilemma as well. He excelled himself from the conservative, Chinese traditional artistic tradition. He traveled to America to view the works of the Western masters, especially the post-Impressionists, and in 1949 settled in New York City.
Since that time he has gathered the world's most important private collection of Chinese painting and achieved an unsurpassed reputation in authenticating traditional works.
He has viewed the great Western museum collections and studied at the Art Student league, absorbing western influence and creating a uniquely successful blend of Oriental, Western and personal styles. His efforts [have] made himself play a role as a bridge between traditional Chinese painting and Twentieth century art.

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