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Exhibition press release for "Fathers", Asian Arts Institute, 1986


Exhibition press release for "Fathers" at Asian Arts Institute, New York City, from May 30-June 25, 1986, with artists Tomie Arai, Santiago Bose, Fay Chiang, Bob Hsiang, Arlan Huang, Kazuko, Hugo Kobayashi, Anna Kuo, Yong Soon MIn, Tetsu Okuhara, Kunie Sugiura, Lisa Suzuki, Alvin Tada, Mary Ting, Xing Fei, and Zarina.

1 pages
14x8.5 inches (h x w x d)

Associated Artists

Arai, Tomie
Bose, Santiago
Chiang, Fay
Hashmi, Zarina
Hsiang, Bob
Huang, Arlan
Kobayashi, Hugo
Kuo, Anna
Min, Yong Soon
Miyamoto, Kazuko
Okuhara, Tetsuaki
Sugiura, Kunie
Suzuki, Lisa
Tada, Alvin
Ting, Mary
Xing, Fei
Fathers press release
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