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  1. the utterfall the utterfall (Work) by Tsong, Jane (2000)

    Materials and Techniques: installation

    Subjects: man-made

    Local Subjects: Tsong, Jane

  2. Lighthouse Lighthouse (Work) by Sasaki, Toshio (1980)

    Materials and Techniques: multimedia sculpture

    Subjects: Sasaki, Toshio; life; lighthouses; time

  3. Time Exposures - I Time Exposures - I (Work) by Sasaki, Toshio (1997)

    Materials and Techniques: digital print on Duraclear

    Subjects: light (energy); Sasaki, Toshio; time

    Local Subjects: body; cosmos

  4. Dialogue Dialogue (Work) by Furusho, Kenta

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media sculpture

    Subjects: animals; heads (representations); men (male humans); toys (recreational artifacts); women

    Local Subjects: body; Furusho, Kenta