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  1. Photocollage Photocollage with note to Robert Lee, December 5, 1995 (Document) by Okuhara, Tetsuaki (1995)

    Color photocopy of photocollage of "Hagiwara Project" (Nov 1995) with note to Robert Lee (Dec 5, 1995). Photos by E. Honig.

  2. Artist Statement, pg 2 Artist Statement(s) (Document) by Tran, Tam Van (0000)
  3. Arlan Huang's Artist Notes Artist Notes (Document) by Huang, Arlan (0000)
  4. Norine Nishimura's notes for Hisako Hibi Notes by Norine Nishimura for Hisako Hibi's memorial service, October 30, 1991 (Document) by Hibi, Hisako (1991)

    Norine Nishimura was a good friend of the artist.

  5. Kip Fulbeck's Artist Note Artist notes, 1993 (Document) by Fulbeck, Lawrence Kip (1993)

    Misc. writings by the artist