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  1. Plan for Mendacity Artist Project Plan for "Mendacity (The City of Lies)" (Document) by Fukushima, Ken (0000)

    Artist project plan for "Site of Mendacity: Landscape with a Tear", 1983-1984.

  2. Plan for Fruit Muse Live, pg 1 Artist Project Plan for "Fruit Muse Live", [1993] (Document) by Peet, Yin (0000)

    Artist project notes for "Fruit Muse Live", a performance at Asian American Arts Centre, New York City on Mar. 26, 1993.

  3. Plan for TransLATION TransPLANTING TransFORMATION Artist Project Plan for "transLATION*transPLANTING*transFORMATION", [1998] (Document) by Peet, Yin (1998)

    Artist project notes (draft drawing) for "transLATION*transPLANTING*transFORMATION", a performance with artists, Yin Peet, Steve Friedman, Meng Lang.

  4. Byron Goto's Project Plan Artist Project Plan (Document) by Goto, Byron (0000)