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  1. The Accidental Ambassador Article "The Accidental Ambassador" by Grady T. Turner in Art in America, March 1997 (Document) by Tseng, Kwong Chi (1997)


  2. Bombshells Into Cowbells, pg 1 Article "Bombshells Into Cowbell" by Donovan Webster in The New York Times Magazine, June 28, 1998 (Document) by Hei, Han Khiang (1998)

    Text by Donovan Webster. Photographs by Hei Han Khiang.

  3. Copyright Statement Article "A Painter's Images of Mao as Reflected in a Changing China" by Helen A. Harrison in The New York Times, November 10, 1996 (Document) by Zhang, Hongtu (1996)


  4. Chinese in the Americas: Cultural richness of the diaspora explored Review "Chinese in the Americas: Cultural richness of the diaspora explored" by Helen L. Kohen in The Herald, April 21, 1995 (Document) by Arai, Tomie (1995)