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  1. Mandala Platform Mandala Platform (Work) by Kim, Mikyung

    Materials and Techniques: model

    Subjects: mandalas; public art

    Local Subjects: Kim, Mikyung

  2. Rice Mural on Tilted Arc Rice Mural on Tilted Arc (Work) by Bahc, Mo (1988)

    Materials and Techniques: acrylic on canvas

    Subjects: Bahc, Yiso; grain (seed); mural paintings (visual works); public art

  3. CityArts brochure, pg 1 Excerpts from traveling exhibition brochure "The Creative Process", Public Art Projects realized by CityArts Inc. (1968-1990), 1990-1991 (Document) (1990)

    Exhibition brochure for "The Creative Process: A Traveling Exhibition of Selected Public Art Projects realized by CityArts Inc. 1968-1990" at various locations: The Cork Gallery (Apr 1990), Bronx Museum (Sep 1990), Brooklyn Museum (Nov 1990), and Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art at Snug Harbor (1991).

  4. Renewal, pg 1 Brochure for "Renewal", memorial silkscreen mural, Federal Office Building, 1998 (Document) by Arai, Tomie (1998)

    Brochure for "Renewal" mural by Tomie Arai in 1998 at the Federal Office Building, memorializing the African Burial Ground discovered in Lower Manhattan. (Size indicated is folded size)

  5. The First Symphony of the Sea, flyer, pg 1 Flyer for "The First Symphony of the Sea", 1992 (Document) by Sasaki, Toshio (1992)

    Flyer for "The First Symphony of the Sea" at Boardwalk & West 8th Street, Coney Island, NY.

  6. Excerpts from Tajiri, pg 1 Excerpts from book, Tajiri, 1991 (Document) by Nagasawa, Nobuho (1991)

    From catalog of artist's teacher, Shinkichi Tajiri, in Germany

  7. Public Art in Chinatown Public Art in Chinatown Catalogue, 1988 (Document) by Chin, Mel (1988)

    As reproduced in "artention International" No.1 July-August 1988, HK