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  1. Insomnia Series: Comedy and Silence Insomnia Series: Comedy and Silence (Work) by Kanemitsu, Matsumi (1980)

    Materials and Techniques: drawing

    Subjects: Kanemitsu, Matsumi; horseback riding; wars

  2. Classical Horse & Rider Classical Horse & Rider (Work) by Moy, Seong (1952)

    Materials and Techniques: color woodcut

    Subjects: horseback riding; Moy, Seong

  3. Locker Room Series III Locker Room Series III (Work) by Shinohara, Noriko (1999)

    Materials and Techniques: pastel on paper

    Subjects: eroticism; fantasy; horseback riding; men (male humans); women

    Local Subjects: Shinohara, Noriko; body

  4. Flag Flag (Work) by Furusho, Kenta (2000)

    Materials and Techniques: cloth collage

    Subjects: color; flags; horseback riding

    Local Subjects: cowboys; Furusho, Kenta