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  1. Champion Champion (Work) by Cheng, Emily (1996)

    Materials and Techniques: oil on linen

    Subjects: centers; drapery (representations); flora (plants); histories; maps; trees

    Local Subjects: chakra; inclusiveness; world

  2. Peace Shrine Peace Shrine (Work) by Tsuda, Rumiko (1996)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media installation and performance

    Subjects: Shinto; continents; flags; peace; rituals (events); women

    Local Subjects: Tsuda, Rumiko; spiritual energy; spirituality; world

  3. You Shall Not Come To Our World You Shall Not Come To Our World (Work) by Miyamoto, Kazuko (1991)

    Materials and Techniques: cotton gauze and rocks

    Subjects: circles (plane figures)

    Local Subjects: universe; world