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  1. The Back of the Head The Back of the Head #A (Relief) (Work) by Zhang, Hongtu (1987)

    Materials and Techniques: relief sculpture

    Subjects: histories; humanism; identity; immigration

    Local Subjects: rejection; denial; humanity; transformation; Zhang, Hongtu

  2. Myrrha P.I.A. Myrrha P.I.A. (Work) by Chin, Mel (1984)

    Materials and Techniques: public installation

    Subjects: Chin, Mel

    Local Subjects: metamorphosis; transformation

  3. Moby Dick Moby Dick (Work) by Choi, Eun Young

    Materials and Techniques: steel wire

    Subjects: language (verbal communication); letters (signs); storytelling; time

    Local Subjects: Choi, Eun Young; transformation