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  1. Not Exactly A... Series #11 Not Exactly A... Series #11 (Work) by Tse, Shirley (1998)

    Materials and Techniques: chromogenic print

    Subjects: man-made

    Local Subjects: body; Tse, Shirley

  2. Untitled Untitled (Work) by Tse, Shirley (1996)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media sculpture

    Subjects: pictographs; three-dimensional

    Local Subjects: Tse, Shirley

  3. Polyphantasmer Blue Polyphantasmer Blue (Work) by Tse, Shirley (1998)

    Materials and Techniques: polystyrene foam sculpture

    Subjects: color; ice

    Local Subjects: Tse, Shirley

  4. Shirley Tse's Resume, pg 1 Artist Resume, [1999] (Document) by Tse, Shirley (0000)
  5. Shirley Tse's Artist Statement Artist Statement(s) (Document) by Tse, Shirley (0000)
  6. Copyright Statement Review "Art Reviews" by Susan Kandel in Los Angeles Times, Feb. 7, 1997 (Document) by Tse, Shirley (1997)


  7. Essay for "Millennium" Essay by Norman Bryson for exhibition "Millennium", 1999 (Document) by Tse, Shirley (1999)

    Essay for exhibition "Millennium" at Take Gallery, New York City, summer 1999.