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  1. Sculpting Jazz Sculpting Jazz (Work) by Peet, Yin (1995)

    Materials and Techniques: installation performance

    Subjects: jazz; music

    Local Subjects: Peet, Yin

  2. Fruit Muse Live Fruit Muse Live (Work) by Peet, Yin (1992)

    Materials and Techniques: performance with sculpture

    Subjects: fruit; life; women

    Local Subjects: body; consciousness; Peet, Yin

  3. Deep Within Your Veins Deep Within Your Veins (Work) by Tsong, Jane (1994)

    Materials and Techniques: installation

    Subjects: fear; immigrants; newspapers; popular culture; race (concept); rubbish; technology

    Local Subjects: otherness; race relations; surveillance; Tsong, Jane

  4. Invitation to Rest Invitation to Rest (Work) by Paik, Younhee (1998)

    Materials and Techniques: installation

    Subjects: light (energy); meditation; Nature; symbolism (artistic concept); symbols; water

    Local Subjects: clouds; cosmos; Paik, Younhee; ripples

  5. Tai Chi Tai Chi (Work) by Zhang, Jian-Jun (1996)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media installation

    Subjects: color; culture; symbols

    Local Subjects: Chinese elements; qi; yin yang; Zhang, Jian-Jun

  6. After Trinity After Trinity (Work) by Fukawa, Hirokazu (1998)

    Materials and Techniques: multimedia installation

    Subjects: Hiroshima (inhabited place); nuclear bombs

    Local Subjects: destruction; Fukawa, Hirokazu; mushroom clouds