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Sristi Chakra

Exhibited for "Power Print: Woodblock Prints by Ram Kumar Panday" at the Asian American Arts Centre, New York City, July 13-Aug. 3, 2001.

"The life is a truth. There is a circle in the center, which is the point of creation. The point is beginning. It is also a symbol of galaxy. It helps to rotate the things. The symbol of well-being and law 'Swastika' is inside the Satakona. This crooked cross like Swastika moves with the help of a 'bindu', point. Satakona' (six cone) symbolizes wisdom of all creation. It is the result of two triangles. The downward pointing triangle is 'yoni' and upward facing triangle 'linga' present union of make and female, which is also representing water. The round/circle below is the sun. Moon and sun both are complementary to each other. The circle of creation remains up to the existence of the sun and moon. This print helps to encourage creativity."--Notes from Creighton Peet, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


folk art
Sristi Chakra
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