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The Opacity of Dreams: Part II

96x324x72 inches (h x w x d)
mixed media installation

Partial view of the work: Part II: To Swallow.

Exhibited at Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX.

"Mixed media installation using language to examine the personal, political and cultural influences on the individual in the context of the upcoming transfer of Hong Kong from British to Chinese rule. The installation is in two parts, TO SAY/TO NOT TO, and TO SWALLOW. In Part I, layers of text on materials of different transparency are both medium and metaphor for these relationships: word pairs on vellum comment on the colonial experience; personal anecdotes are related on notepapers and interleafed vellums; historical treaties are printed on large scrolls behind all the layers. In Part II, single words are written on white singlets hanging on clothes lines, to comment on the intimate, visceral experience of being between cultures in a transitory state."--Artist's slide list


The Opacity of Dreams: Part II: To Swallow
Source: Slide
Partial view of the work.