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To Fuse

216x1536x624 inches (h x w x d)
site specific installation

"To Fuse is composed of a pond, 2' x 100' x 25', filled with ink and water. Dry ice caused fog to rise from the bottom of the pond which fused with the fog in the atmosphere. Surrounding the ink/water pond are four tree trunks, set upright at the positions of north, south, east and west. Each trunk is wrapped with rice paper. Rope connects the trunks at north-south and east-west. At the junction of the cables is a meteor, also wrapped with rice-paper, suspended above the center of the pond.

"The human cultural consciousness, represented by paper, ink and all the directions of the earth, the meteor symbolized the depth of space, steaming in/water symbolized the stream of cultural and spiritual consciousness of humankind fusing the the natural environment." -- Artist's description

To Fuse
Source: Slide