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(Title Unknown)

mixed media sculpture

"Man covered with New York soil, represents the origin. These forms generate a deadly and statuesque composition. It convey strangely powerful territorial scene of force."

"Man with camouflage skin is holding a worm that express feeling of invisible and chrysalis like transformation."

"216 ladybugs around the body are hold a skull. Every New Years eve in Japan, just before 12 o'clock. All the temple ring bell exactly 108 times. Each sound meant to counteract worldly desire. Since I move to the US, I have simply doubled that number. Ladybugs are selected because of their perfect shape and their innocent nature."

"All the characters expose their genital organs in order to communicate with an undercurrent of desire. It also reveals the nakedness of feeling"

--Artist's Description


concrete; paint


(Title Unknown)
Source: Slide