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Four Days

22.5x28.5 inches (h x w x d)
pencil on paper

Work created for Robert Lee, Asian American Arts Centre

"Steven Gwan records the day through a series of lines corresponding to the data and the times of sunrise and set, rather than focusing on the narrative content of time passing. Drawn in different colors, there accumulations of lines have an overall shimmering rainbow effect when viewed as a set documenting days, weeks and months. His work is a formal representation that allows the viewer to reconsider the day within the context of a fluid visual continuum. Each rising and setting of the sun is a mark that, when noted, has a relationship to the previous day and the next day. Reminding us that our lives are made up of these flowing moments, each is linked to one another, creating something unexpected."--Katarina Wong, from exhibition flyer for "The Topography of Absence" at Asian American Arts Centre, 2004

Four Days
Source: Digital Image