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Bamboo Flamingo

30x20 inches (h x w x d)
archival inkjet digital print on photogloss paper

Bamboo Flamingo, Love in the Time of Silsila series

"As a child, I learned everything I ever needed to know about love from Bollywood cinema - modesty, choreography and the virtuosity in crossing time, space and costume continuums. The 1981 film Hindi 'Silsila' with megastars embodying that which is slick (Amitabh Bachchan) with that which sizzles sex appeal (Rekha), coinciding with the popularization of the VCR, imprinted certain scenes in my mind. By manipulating film stills, I revisited a particular song that takes the duo to a tulip field in Holland where they sing, dance and gaze love and placed them in similar dream-like landscapes amplified by glittery, fragile and illusory chandeliers." --artist's website

Bamboo Flamingo
Source: Digital Image