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DE- (earth project)

24173x14960x9186 inches (h x w x d)
July, 14 1990
a permanent burial land art project

Burial performance:
Four marbles are buried four meters down in the earth at same time, on July 14, 1990 at 6:30pm.
Material and scales: four pink marbles(ten tons each)
Measurement center: the church tower in the center of the city
Measurement directions: from the church tower towards east, west, north, and south
Measurement proportion: golden section
Measurement of size: 614m x 380m, 233.32m
Southern location: a marble is engraved with "0", the birth date of the city
Eastern location: a marble is engraved with "19902631" the present time and the population of the city
Western location: a marble is engraved with "-102100000" the year of 102 b.c., 100000 roman soldiers died in a battle at this location
Northern location: marble engraved with a broken "0", the disappearance of the city


marble (rock)
DE- (earth project)
Source: Slide
This image is from the northern location.